Canadian Dental Care Plan

At Rose Dental, we aim to alleviate financial obstacles to accessing oral health care for eligible Canadian residents. You might be eligible for the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP). Starting May 1, 2024, Rose Dental is enrolled with Sunlife to accept CDCP. Learn more below.
Those who will be eligible for the program will need to fit the following criteria:
  1. No private dental insurance plan
  2. Annual household income under $90,000
  3. Canadian resident
  4. Have filed taxes for the previous year
The Government of Canada is doing a phased rollout of the plan, meaning that people are able to submit applications for enrolment in the program in different groups:
  1. Aged 87+: eligible to apply in December 2023
  2. Aged 77-86: eligible to apply in January 2024
  3. Aged 72-76: eligible to apply in February 2024
  4. Aged 70-71: eligible to apply in March 2024
  5. Aged 65-69: eligible to apply in May 2024
  6. Adults with a disability tax credit and children under 18 can apply in June 2024
  7. All other Canadian residents can apply for the program in 2025
Once accepted and enrolled, What do I do?
Plan members will receive a package which will include a benefits card. This package will also include the members start date with the program – this start date will vary based on enrolment/acceptance date and any treatment completed prior to the start date will not be reimbursed by the program. The earliest start date will be May 2024.
What will be covered?
Most dental services will be covered under the plan – basic services, endodontics, periodontics, restorative treatment, major treatments, and oral surgery. Any treatments that require prior approval will not be eligible until November 2024, which is when the pre-determination service will launch. Orthodontics are NOT a covered benefit at this time – the program will be rolling out an orthodontic program in 2025, however this will only be an approved benefit for those with a medical necessity.
There will be a range of coverage percentage based on annual household income:
  1. Households with an annual income of $70,000-79,999: coverage will be 60%, with the member copay being 40%.
  2. Households with an annual income of $80,000-89,999: coverage will be 40%, with the member copay being 60%.
How to Apply?
For further information, eligibility details, and details on how to apply, please visit:

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