In-House Wellness Memberships

Improving your access to regular dental care leads to improved overall health.

You asked, and we listened. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients faced serious changes to their financial circumstances. We noticed patients experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety, which exacerbated health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, mental health concerns, oral health issues such as TMJ pain, cracked teeth, periodontal disease and so much more.

At Rose Dental, we take overall mental, emotional, oral health very seriously and have developed an in-office solution for our patients.


We’ve created 2 comprehensive Wellness Membership Plans. One is a Gold Wellness Membership Plan and the other is a Platinum Wellness Membership Plan. Depending on which one you choose, you and your family will have a complete oral exam, radiographs, 1-2 cleanings per year, 1-2 emergency exams with necessary x-rays per year, and 10% – 15% off discounts in all other necessary treatments.


Becoming a Wellness Member is quick and easy. By paying the start-up fee, you will receive the discounted complete oral exam and radiographs. From then on, you can select either the Gold or Platinum Wellness Membership Plan, depending on yours and your family’s needs.
“Who can take advantage of this wellness membership?”
We are thrilled to offer both the Gold and Platinum Wellness Memberships to new AND existing patients alike! Existing patients of record will be waived of the start-up fee, as they’ve already had their complete oral exam and radiographs.
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Elevate Your Health with Rose Dental’s Wellness Plans!

Post-pandemic, safeguard your oral and overall health with Rose Dental’s affordable Wellness Memberships. Choose between our Gold and Platinum plans for comprehensive dental care, including exams, cleanings, and emergency services.
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Start with a simple sign-up and choose the plan that fits your lifestyle. Embrace a healthier future with Rose Dental!

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Rose Dental offers in house Wellness membership plans as well as the New Canadian dental plan that will start may 1/2024. For more information and details please check out our page.